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Looking for a quality restaurant in Budapest?寻找一个在布达佩斯质量餐馆吗?
Based on my local experiences I have put together this list of recommended Restaurants, Cafes, Bars and Grill Restaurants in Budapest .根据我的本地经验,我已经把布达佩斯推荐餐厅,咖啡厅,酒吧和烧烤餐厅在这个名单 Restaurants below are specializing in Hungarian, Italian & European cuisine.下面是专业餐厅匈牙利,意大利和欧洲美食。 Browse the list below to find our more and choose your favorites!浏览下面的列表中找到我们的更多选择你的最爱!

Trófea Grill Restaurant Trófea烧烤餐厅

布达佩斯烧烤餐厅Trofea Trófea Restaurant Homepage Trófea餐厅首页

Take advantage of the buffet-meal system and choose according to your own taste among the delicacies.采取的自助餐餐系统的优势,选择根据您自己的口味的美食之一。 Among the wide range of choices you will find cold and warm entrées, main dishes and desserts.其中的多种选择,你会发现冷热主菜,主菜和甜点。

The fans of the traditional Hungarian cuisine will find their favourites courses such as the fans of the bio-reform cuisine and the vegetarians.传统的匈牙利菜的球迷会发现,例如在生物和素食菜肴改革的球迷他们最喜爱的课程。 As part of the buffet-meal, you can choose from fresh raw slices of meat and vegetables in 12 different kinds of marinades which are then prepared by our chefs in the entertainment kitchen in front of your tables.作为自助餐餐的一部分,您可以选择从肉类和12个,然后由在在你的厨房桌子前娱乐我们的厨师准备腌泡各种新鲜蔬菜原料切片。

Icon Restaurant in the Hilton Budapest图标餐厅希尔顿布达佩斯

布达佩斯餐厅图标 Icon Restaurant Homepage 图标餐厅首页

Whether you want to party in style with work colleagues and clients, or just celebrate another year's passing with family and friends in luxurious surroundings, Hilton Budapest is the perfect location.无论您想在党的作风与同事和客户,或只是庆祝一年的与家人和朋友通过在豪华的环境,希尔顿布达佩斯是一个完美的位置。

From the moment you and your guests arrive to be greeted with a glass of mulled wine, you'll be immersed in the legendary Hilton hospitality.从现在您和您的客人到达能与玻璃的热葡萄酒迎接,你会沉浸在传说中希尔顿款待。

Italian Restaurant Trattoria Pomo D'Oro意大利餐厅意大利餐厅波莫德奥罗

布达佩斯意大利餐厅意大利餐厅波莫德奥罗 Trattoria Pomo D'Oro Homepage 饮食店波莫德奥罗首页

Pomo D'Oro is a luxury 5-star restaurant located in the downtown of Budapest serving traditional italian and european cuisine.波莫德奥罗是一家豪华的5星级饭店在布达佩斯供应传统意大利和欧洲的菜肴位于市中心。

Originality is a key factor and restaurant put great emphasise on it, this is why restaurant head chef, Sergio, prepares a lot of dishes from his own collection of recipes apart from the traditional Italian meals.原创性是一个关键因素,餐厅把它的伟大强调,这就是为什么餐厅厨师长,塞尔吉奥,他准备从自己收集的食谱,除了传统的意大利餐,菜式很多。 The dishes prepared in the guest area are very infamous, not only because they amaze the guests by their spectacular sight, but once someone tastes them, they will surely remember their wonderful taste for a long time.在来宾地区准备的菜肴非常臭名昭著,不仅因为他们惊奇其壮观的客人,但是一旦有人口味,他们一定会记得他们很长一段时间美妙滋味。

Rivalda Café & Restaurant Rivalda咖啡厅和餐厅

布达佩斯Rivalda咖啡厅和餐厅 Rivalda Café & Restaurant Homepage Rivalda咖啡厅和餐厅首页

Rivalda Café & Restaurant, located in the heart of the world-heritage Buda Castle district, has established itself as one of Budapest's premier dining experiences since its opening in May 2000. Rivalda咖啡厅和餐厅,在世界遗产的布达城堡区的中心地带,已成为布达佩斯的顶级餐饮体验之一,因为其2000年5月落成启用。 It has come to represent an inviting atmosphere of casual sophistication, and the best in outdoor dining in the quiet calm of its 18th century courtyard.它来表示一个复杂的邀请休闲氛围,在户外就餐在其18世纪最好的庭院平静。

An inspired menu blends contemporary European cuisine with local ingredients, and an extensive, carefully conceived wine list highlights the best in Hungarian vintners and vintages.一个灵感菜单融合当代欧洲美食与当地食材,以及广泛的,周密的酒单突出了在匈牙利酒商和葡萄酒最佳。 Rivalda offers a full range of catering services. Rivalda提供全方位的餐饮服务。

Fausto's Italian Restaurant, Budapest福斯托的意大利餐厅,布达佩斯

福斯托布达佩斯意大利餐厅 Fausto's Restaurant Homepage 福斯托餐厅首页

Taste, elegance, quality.品味,高雅,品质。 These three words defined Fausto's upon its establishment in 1994 when Fausto Di Vora opened one of the "most popular and well-known restaurants" in Budapest after the famous Velence, London and New York venues. Fausto's offers Mediterranean and international specialties with a wide array of excellent domestic and Italian wines to those interested in the Italian cuisine.这三个词界定福斯托波是一个广泛成立后,在1994年福斯托与伦敦和纽约举行。福斯托波的提供地中海特色和国际狄埃武拉打开一流行和知名餐厅“在布达佩斯的著名韦伦采,对”最优秀的国内和意大利葡萄酒对那些在意大利美食感兴趣。

"The careful preparation and presentation of our menu is the fruit of our team's cooperation. Our secret is compassion and respect towards our job. We would like to spread good taste, harmony and experience through our dishes." “精心准备和菜单介绍我们的合作成果是我们团队的。我们的秘诀是同情和对我们工作的尊重。我们希望和谐,传播经验,通过我们的菜味道很好。”

Il Terzo Cerchio Budapest Restaurant金正日泰尔佐切尔基奥布达佩斯餐厅

金正日泰尔佐布达佩斯餐厅 Il Terzo Cerchio Budapest Italian Restaurant 金正日泰尔佐切尔基奥布达佩斯意大利餐厅

Having recently relocated, Il Terzo Cerchio (The Third Circle, a reference to Dante's "Inferno") is now tucked in a quiet corner on Dohány utca - just a few meters away from the bustle of Rákóczi út.不过最近搬迁,伊尔泰尔佐切尔基奥(第三,以但丁的“地狱”)正处于一个安静的角落上多哈尼utca卷起参考环路 - 只是一个远离喧嚣的拉科齐UT斯达康几米。

It's a bit more sophisticated than your typical Italian eatery, but the atmosphere is still homey and inviting.这一点比你更先进典型的意大利餐厅,但气氛仍是家庭式和邀请。 Large windows, plenty of space and a brick-covered, vaulted ceiling all contribute to a warm, rustic ambience.大窗户,大量的空间和一砖覆盖,拱形天花板都有助于一个温暖,质朴的氛围。 Evenings, the place is usually busy and noisy - just as every proper trattoria should be.晚上,地点通常是繁忙和嘈杂 - 就像每一个适当的饮食店应。

Osteria Italian Restaurant, Budapest Osteria意大利餐厅,布达佩斯

布达佩斯意大利餐厅Osteria Osteria Restaurant Homepage Osteria餐厅首页

Simplicity and ease makes Osteria a place to get a taste of not only the Italian cuisine but the Italian lifestyle as well. This is the place where one can meet friends, or just drop in for a light lunch or dinner without the need for a bow tie or a white tablecloth.简单和易于使Osteria一个地方,以获得更好的味道不只是意大利菜,但意大利的生活方式。这是一个地方能满足朋友,或者只是在晚餐下降将小型午餐或不带弓需要一个领带或白色的桌布。

Osteria Restaurant offers traditional Italian food made from selected orignal ingredients, wide range of selected wines from Italy and Hungary will accompany any selection of tasty meals. Osteria餐厅提供传统的意大利菜从食材的挑选一部开拓创新,从意大利和匈牙利的广泛选择的葡萄酒将伴随任何美味餐选择。

Fakanál Restaurant, Budapest Fakanál餐厅,布达佩斯

Fakanál餐厅在布达佩斯,匈牙利 Fakanál Restaurant, Budapest Fakanál餐厅,布达佩斯

Experience authentic Hungarian cuisine!体验正宗的匈牙利菜! Fakanál Restaurant can prepare for you fresh-made Hungarian gastronomic souvenir according to your taste. Fakanál餐厅可为您准备新鲜制造的匈牙利美食纪念品根据您的口味。 Some of the fine examples of our Hungarian delicacies without the pretence of completeness: clay-jar bedded cold goose-liver in its own fat, with a chapeau made of a loaf, fresh crackling-cream Fakanál-style, homemade jam in clay-jar.我们的一些好的典型匈牙利美食不完整的幌子:粘土罐床在自己的发冷鹅肝脏,与一个面包,新鲜脆皮雪糕Fakanál风格,自制的粘土罐果酱发了开头语。

Thonett Palota Events Hall, Budapest Thonett帕洛塔活动馆,布达佩斯

Thonett帕洛塔布达佩斯餐厅和活动大厅 Thonett Restaurant Homepage Thonett餐厅首页

Thonett Palota is one of the most representative and unique restaurans, vents halls and party places in Budapest. Thonett帕洛塔是最具代表性和独特restaurans,通风口大厅和党在布达佩斯的地方之一。

Well-decorated antique and luxurious place provides spacious halls for private and corporate parties.良好的古董装饰和豪华的地方为私人及企业提供宽敞的大厅各方。 Top level services for very high-profile guests.非常高的知名度客人高级的服务。

Gastronomia Pomo D'Oro, Budapest Gastronomia波莫德奥罗,布达佩斯

Gastronomia波莫德奥罗,布达佩斯,匈牙利 Gastronomia Pomo D'Oro, Budapest Gastronomia波莫德奥罗,布达佩斯

Gastronomia Pomo D'Oro awaits the lovers of Italian cuisine in the heart of Budapest, in Arany János street every day from the break of dawn till late in the evening in order to provide you with a taste from the heart of genuine Italian cooking. Gastronomia波莫德奥罗等待在布达佩斯市中心的意大利美食爱好者,在奥洛尼亚诺什街道每天从黎明到深夜,以提供一个从真正的意大利菜心口味你打破。 Amongst our offers you will find a variety of Italian cheeses, more than forty different kinds of Italian cold-cuts, olive oil specialities, balsamico kinds, Italian desserts, soft drinks and food delicacies.其中你会发现我们提供了一个意大利奶酪,比意大利冷削减,橄榄油专业,香醋种,意大利甜点,饮料和食品的美味佳肴40种以上不同的品种。

Karma Cafe & Restaurant, Budapest噶玛咖啡厅和餐厅,布达佩斯

噶玛咖啡厅和餐厅,布达佩斯 Karma Cafe & Restaurant Homepage 噶玛咖啡厅和餐厅首页

Karma Cafe & Restaurant is a family of small restaurants located downtown Budapest.噶玛咖啡厅和餐厅是一个家庭小餐馆位于布达佩斯市中心。 Every evening after 6, the mystic oriental interior is filled with elegant candlelight, which enhances the venues' real allure.以后每6日晚,神秘的东方充满了优雅的室内烛光,提高了场地的实际吸引力。 Apart from the traditional Indian dishes, all the various and exquisite tastes of modern cuisine can be found on the menu card, accompanied with more than fifty different kinds of coffee and tea specialities.除了传统的印度菜,所有的现代和精致的品味各种美食,可在菜单上找到卡,伴随着超过咖啡和茶叶专业50多种。

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